What are the software requirements?

Which features require eBay Authorization?

Once authorized, eBay gives Nuggets a token to store in Keychain, so that you aren’t asked to authorize Nuggets again, as long as the token remains valid. Nuggets can be de-authorized via the menu item in the Nuggets menu.

How does Nuggets use my eBay credentials (username and password)?

The web pages for authentication are served by eBay. For example, you may be asked to authenticate when authorizing Nuggets or when bidding on an eBay auction. Nuggets never looks at your eBay credentials or uses them in any way.

What do the auction lists in Nuggets represent?

How do Nuggets for iOS and Nuggets for Mac work together?

Unscreened, Watched, Ignored and Ended auction lists may be shared between Nuggets apps via iCloud. A typical use case is to search for auctions using Nuggets for Mac and then decide which auctions to watch using either Nuggets app.

What should I do about an auction that doesn’t interest me?

You can delete the auction from the Unscreened or Watched auctions list, but it’s best to Ignore it, so that it doesn’t reappear if the search is repeated.

What does Updating an auction do?

Updating gets a new snapshot of auction information from eBay. Additionally, updating gets certain minor details (e.g., a more specific location) from eBay. Note that updates to auctions only in your eBay Watch List don’t persist.

How are auctions from my eBay Watch List kept in sync with Nuggets?

Firstly, Nuggets must be authorized with eBay to allow it access to your eBay Watch List. Then Nuggets automatically loads your eBay Watch List. If you edit your eBay Watch List in another app, Nuggets automatically updates its views. Additionally, the Watched auctions list supports pull-to-refresh to manually refresh your eBay Watch List.

Should my document be stored in iCloud?

Generally, yes. It allows the document to be shared with your other devices and work with Nuggets for Mac. It also backs up your document.

Why isn’t my document stored in iCloud?

In iCloud Settings make sure your iCloud account is signed in and Nuggets is included and enabled in the list of iCloud apps (depending on your settings, this may be under iCloud Drive). Use Nuggets Settings to move a document in or out of iCloud.

How can I filter and sort auctions?

Pull an auction list down to reveal controls for filtering and sorting. Filtering supports auction title, note or item number.

How can I watch, ignore, delete, update or copy auctions?

In an auction list press and hold on an auction to display a menu of commands (note that two-column views support multiple selection). Additionally in a web view there are Watch and Ignore buttons.

How can I make a web view full screen in a horizontally compact environment (e.g., on an iPhone)?

Double-tap in a web view to toggle whether the navigation bar and toolbar are shown.

Are there any known issues?