What are the software requirements?

Which features require eBay Authorization?

Once authorized, eBay gives Nuggets a token to store in Keychain, so that you aren’t asked to authorize Nuggets again, as long as the token remains valid. Nuggets can be de-authorized via the menu item in the Nuggets menu.

How does Nuggets use my eBay credentials (username and password)?

The web pages for authentication are served by eBay. For example, you may be asked to authenticate when authorizing Nuggets or when bidding on an eBay auction. Nuggets never looks at your eBay credentials or uses them in any way.

How is my location information used?

Your country, as specified in Nuggets Location preferences, is sent to eBay in order to get appropriate content for your region. Your shipping postal code, if specified, is sent to eBay only when searching in order to calculate shipping prices. For your postal code to be effective, it must be valid for your country specified in Language & Region System Preferences. As a convenience, if you have not specified a shipping postal code, when you authorize Nuggets it automatically requests your postal code from eBay. Nuggets does not use or share your location information in any other way.

What methods are available for adding Saved Searches?

How are Saved Searches applied?

How can I modify a Saved Search to ignore auctions containing a certain keyword?

A keyword to ignore can be added manually by opening the Preferences window, selecting the “Saved Searches” tab (if not already selected), selecting the Saved Search to modify and adding the keyword in the “Excluded words” text field. Alternatively, when viewing an eBay auction web page within Nuggets, highlight a keyword in the web view, open a contextual menu and choose the “Exclude...” menu item.

How can I edit Saved Searches in bulk (e.g., add the same Note to several Saved Searches)?

Saved Searches Preferences support multiple selection. When multiple Saved Searches are selected on the left of the Preferences window, editing performed on the right of the window is applied to all selected Saved Searches.

What do the auction lists in Nuggets represent?

How can I move auctions in bulk between auction lists (e.g., move several auctions from the Unscreened auctions list to the Ignored auctions list)?

Auction lists support multiple selection, and commands to Watch, Ignore, etc. act on the multiple selection. For example, to move all auctions from the Unscreened auctions list to the Ignored auctions list, move focus to the Unscreened auctions list, choose the Select All command and choose the Ignore command.

What is the Ignored Sellers list and how can I add a seller to it?

The Ignored Sellers list contains usernames of sellers to ignore. When searching, any items sold by ignored sellers are automatically added to the Ignored auctions list rather than the Unscreened auctions list. A seller can be added manually by selecting “Ignored Sellers” in the main window sidebar, clicking the ‘+’ button at the bottom and typing the seller’s username. Alternatively, when viewing an eBay auction web page within Nuggets, open a contextual menu for the seller name and choose the “Ignore Seller...” menu item.

How can I see a large preview image of an auction in a list?

Click on the image in the list, or with a list item selected press the Space key.

How can I watch an auction by ID?

In the Auction menu, press the Control key while choosing the Watch menu item. This will open a window where auction IDs can be entered.

What should I do about an auction that doesn’t interest me?

You can delete the auction from the Unscreened or Watched auctions list, but it’s best to Ignore it, so that it doesn’t reappear if the search is repeated.

What does Updating an auction do?

Updating gets a new snapshot of auction information from eBay. Additionally, updating gets certain minor details (e.g., a more specific location) from eBay. Note that updates to auctions only in your eBay Watch List don’t persist.

How are auctions from my eBay Watch List kept in sync with Nuggets?

Firstly, Nuggets must be authorized with eBay to allow it access to your eBay Watch List. Then Nuggets automatically loads your eBay Watch List. If you edit your eBay Watch List in another app, Nuggets automatically updates its views. Additionally, there’s a Refresh eBay Watch List command in the Nuggets menu to manually refresh your eBay Watch List.

How can I quickly switch auction list view when moving auctions to that list?

Hold the Shift key while Watching or Ignoring the auctions.

How is the "Sites to Search" preference used?

This is useful if you want to search for items that aren't for sale in your country. For example, you might have a friend in another country who is willing to buy items for you.

Where is Nuggets data stored?

Should my document be stored in iCloud?

Generally, yes. It allows the document to be shared with your other devices. It also backs up your document.

Why can’t my document be stored in iCloud?

In iCloud System Preferences make sure your iCloud account is signed in, Documents & Data is enabled, and Nuggets is included in the Documents & Data list of apps. If you wish to move a locally stored Nuggets document to iCloud, you can use Nuggets’ Move to iCloud… command in the File menu.

When Nuggets is launched, why doesn’t it remember where my windows were positioned on screen and/or which windows were open?

One must opt in to window state restoration by unchecking “Close windows when quitting an app” in General System Preferences.

Can Nuggets display day of week with dates?

System date and time formats are honored, so all aspects of date and time display may be customized. To edit these formats, open System Preferences, select Language & Region, click Advanced… and select the Dates or Times tab. Nuggets uses the Medium date format and the Short time format.

What are the known issues?